Previous work: Necklaces

 Snowflake obsidian and kiwi jasper


Oh the lovely Jaden and her body jewelry piece!  This one is close to my heart as it has Job’s tears I hand picked and cleaned when I lived in Hawaii.  Job’s tears are the seeds from the grass picked when turned white and have a history of use as beads in Hawaiian culture.  The square beads have a print that resemble trees.  

What an honor and joy to make this piece.  Sentimental pieces hold love and power like magic.   This was a commissioned necklace.  The turquoise center piece came from a fathers bolo tie and it was requested to be reworked into a new piece so it could be worn for the sentimental value.  I chose white agate, turquoise gemstones, and the coral to make it pop.  Oh so beautiful.  


Bolo Necklace:  This lovely necklace was created for a dear friend jess. There’s tigers eye, white agate, copper squares and bugle beads with greens and brown seed beads.  The center bead beautiful stone with wrapped wire hooping around.  A powerful piece for a powerful woman.   Beautiful Triangle metal bead caps for the tales.  



Gemstone necklaces

Turquoise Bolo


I made this piece for myself...because sometimes I need to make something for myself!!  I’ll let the cat out of the bag that one of my ears ripped 15 years ago so I actually never can wear a set of my earrings!   I didn’t make earrings for so long because of it but it actually helps me not keep them all and able to share!!!  It’s also nice to include these pics because this is how I chose to have the fit on a body piece not quite as loose, though really lovely when they hang too!Two more Bolo’s...Love!


Mantra Bracelets:  Gemstones and Rose Quartz relating to healing properties with 18 main beads so you can go down and back 16 times with a mantra to equal the sacred 108 found in mala’s.